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Meditative Painting


Painting through Meditation:
This unique program teaches not only painting techniques, but most importantly, it shows students how to tap into their full creative potential by painting in a meditative state.
Those who familiar with joy of creative work, especially painting, knows, that this practice is highly pleasurable, and we like to experience it all over again. However, there are times when we cannot produce a thing or look at a white canvas with hesitation. Then we say:”we have no inspiration”.
All the professional artists reach state of inspiration spontaneously as they work, and cannot explain what they do and how they do it. They paint in a meditative state! That is where connection to creativity is being present.
This skill is far more important than technique alone, because technique will inevitably come with practice. Painting in the meditative state, also described by artist as “working with inspiration “– that is exactly what “Painting through Meditation” will teach you.
Join “Painting trough Meditation” and create in the way you never knew you could.
2 hours workshop; a group of maximum 15p; 16’’x 20’’ canvases and all art supplies are provided.